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Desert-Inspired Nursery

Small Strokes

Modern Desert Nursery


Services Provided:

  • Stencil Paint and Board and Batten Feature Wall

  • Furniture and Fixture Selection

  • Furniture Refurbish

  • Installation

The client came to us with a few ideas, and we took their basic "white-wall" room and turned it into this amazing nursery. We threw in some boho influences, mixed in a little modern, and added some Arizona vibes to complete the look.

Ascent Design not only came up with this design, but we did most of the work ourselves. Ascent completed the stencil paint, installed the board and batten feature wall, customized some Ikea furniture to match the vision (and maximize the budget), and installed the curtains and ceiling fan. Utilizing less expensive furniture, and customizing it to fit the space helped this client get their desired look while staying within their budget.


Final Pictures Coming Soon


Construction and Progress

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